Long activation time?


I recently got a Google Pixel to replace my Moto X Pure. The SIM card from the Moto X Pure wasn’t working correctly in the new phone. I received my new SIM card from Republic yesterday and put it in the Pixel.

I selected that I wanted to bring over the number I was using on the X Pure and the other activation steps and got the screen “Your activation is underway. This should take less than an hour. We’ll send you an email once it’s complete.” Should I be concerned that it’s been more than 12 hours? I am occasionally getting notifications from the Republic app that say “Activating your phone. We’re working as fast as we can to get you up and running.”


Here is an announcement I found (under the Status link at the bottom of page) this may be part of the problem


Thank you! Now that I see the Status page it looks like they started investigating other activation problems yesterday, so it looks like I’m not alone. Hopefully the scheduled maintenance will fix the problem, and I’ll keep checking that Status page.


Good morning Cathy,

Your activation may have been affect by a recent maintenance activity or system issue. Normally an activation takes about 15 minutes to complete and the email be received for some time later. .

Understand your concern after needing a replacement SIM. I’ve had the underway notice remain before, waited an hour or so, then turned the phone off/on and found the activation was complete. The phone working is a better indication than a late arriving email

Good luck with and enjoy your Pixel.



Hopefully your up and active? If not Open a Ticket …time for some Republic 'Help’


Hi @cathyw.o9wv6w,

There is indeed an error on your activation that will require some attention from our support team. Could you open a support ticket at Tickets | Republic Wireless?


I opened a ticket. Thank you!


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