Long delay before voicemail starts recording

My wife has a Samsung S8. Whenever a call goes to voicemail there is a 10 second delay between her answering message and the start of the recording of the caller’s message. Often people start leaving a message but only the end of the message gets recorded. This problem was the same on her last 2 phones, a Moto x and a Moto X Pure.
Any advice on how to start recording the incoming message right after the recorded greeting.

Hi @laneh,

I’ve checked a couple of phones and am not finding a 10-second delay between the end of the recorded greeting and the beep for the caller to leave a message.

Could it be that 10 seconds of silence have been included in the voicemail greeting your wife recorded? She can review her current greeting and record a new greeting in the Republic app. There’s a visual there to help you see when the message is still playing, and that might help you identify whether there is an extended period of silence included in her current recording.


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