Long dial delay, wrong location

My phone is taking 5, 10, 15 seconds or not at all to place a call. I’ve reset my phone several times. Problem is intermittent and some days it’s very bad.

Also today google told me I was in Maryland when I was in California and had me dial a business in a city in Maryland by the same name. That’s never happened before.

Hi @lindae.un1gev,

Welcome to our Member Community. Would you mind telling us which phone you have?

What does “not at all” look like? Is there any sort of error?

Can you tell us what kind of steps you’ve followed to do this? (People sometimes use the word reset to mean different things, I want to be sure we have the right details.)

Have you noticed whether the problem happens more on WiFi or on cell? In certain locations? For dialing certain numbers?

Do you have any apps on your phone that claim to improve your phone’s performance, keep it clean, or improve battery life?

We have another member experiencing something similar in Directions ? I live in TN, however when I ask for directions the phone thinks I live in IL (6 hrs away). We haven’t figured out the answer, but you might want to keep an eye on that topic and see if we come up with anything that may help you as well.

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