Long-distance Troubleshooting for my Mom: Network identifies as "T-Mobile" not Republic

What phone do you have? Samsung J3 (I think she BYOP’d it)

My mom switched over to Republic this summer (without telling me, so no referral credit for her only son!) and has really been happy so far. While visiting this weekend she asked me why her phone shows her as being connected to T-Mobile, but not Republic. She’s got a Samsung J3, which she had been using when she was with AT&T. The phone makes calls on cellular, she can access the internet–everything works as it should, except the notification about what cellular carrier she’s on.

Any thoughts on what’s causing this or how to clear it up? Obviously, it’s weird, but not a crippling thing. As an added level of difficulty, I’ll get to walk her through the solution over the phone.


Hi @petej,

If the J3 in question is AT&T branded, it’s not truly Republic compatible. Did mom bring her AT&T number to Republic? Has she installed Republic’s app on the J3? The app wouldn’t have been preinstalled on her J3.

If mom did install Republic’s app, the starting point would be the obligatory refreshing of her Republic activation:

Hello @rolandh! Thanks for the speedy response.

Mom says that she got the phone from Republic, so it’s not BYOP after all. She says that the network identifying issue showed up after an update, but she’s not sure what updated.

Would refreshing the activation be a good first start in this case as well?

Hi @petej,

Indeed refreshing the Republic activation is where I would start (and, hopefully, finish).

I’ve been told that this was successful in resolving the conflict. Thank you, @rolandh for helping me guide my sainted mother through this.


Hi @petej,

You’re most welcome! I know very well what it means to be family tech support. I’m very happy to hear the fix for mom was an easy one.

Hi @petej,

Our referral program provides a credit to the new member only, so you didn’t miss out. We’re very glad to have two generations of the petej family among our members!

Which makes me wonder… the Southpaw family has three generations of RW members. Do we have any four-generation families out there?

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Sadly, @rolandh, I may have celebrated too soon. I got a text from her tonight that it was doing it again. Had her put it in airplane mode for 30 minutes and then reconnect to cell, and it didn’t go away. It did go back to Republic when I had her shut down and restart the phone.

@southpaw- My misunderstanding of the credit makes it worse! I could have saved her money and failed! :slight_smile:

Hi @petej,

As you know, refreshing one’s Republic activation ends in a restart, so it may have been that rather than the refresh that actually “worked” this morning.

If the latest restart doesn’t keep the issue at bay, would you be kind enough to ask your mother to open the Republic app on her J3? If she taps the Republic icon (second from the left) at the top of the screen; does she see her phone number?

Hi @petej,

Just checking in to see how your mom’s phone is behaving these days?


Hey @rolandh,

Mom hasn’t said anything since Monday, so I think the phone is behaving. If that changes I’ll let you know.


Bad news, @rolandh…it appears to be back. It apparently has been doing it on and off, but Mom didn’t want to be a bother.

I got some more information. Last night she was out at a place that didn’t have wifi, and the phone correctly showed as Republic. When she got home and connected to her wifi network it showed T-Mobile.

If she temporarily turns WiFi off on the phone when at home; does she see Republic or T-Mobile?

She says it shows Republic. I’ve asked her to leave it off for about 15 minutes to see if it changes.

Hi @petej,

Did things stay fixed? Where exactly is/was she seeing “T-Mobile” on the phone?

Good morning @southpaw,

Things are partially resolved. When Mom is off of wifi her phone correctly shows Republic as her provider. When she connects to wifi at home, however, it then shows T-Mobile. I had her cycle her modem and router, but that didn’t resolve the issue. She’s not having any issues with making or receiving calls or texts at home, so it’s not really impacting her service from what I can tell.

Is this showing to the upper left on her phone’s lock screen or somewhere else?

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