Long SMS text messages from my phone received as symbols unless converted to MMS

Since last Saturday, all longer text messages that I send are received as a bunch of symbols. I’ve been able to get around it by attaching a photo to each message but I shouldn’t have to do that. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thanks!

Hi @carolp.jyfn7c,

Is this happening no matter who your recipient is? I ask because I’ve seen one mention of something similar in Help Tickets, but the issue was arising only when the receiving phone was an iPhone.

Attaching a photo converts it to MMS. An easier way to do that

  1. Type your message
  2. Before you send it… tap on three vertical dots next to receiver’s name/number on the top right
  3. Tap on “Show subject Field”
  4. Tap on “Urgent”

The bottom right arrow will change from SMS to MMS

It’s just a shorter workaround than attaching a photo…so you may find it useful…while you seek a more permanent solution.

The person I’ve had problems with has a Motorola. I did a further test with someone with an i-phone and the long messages come through as a blank gray box.

Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

Here are some questions to help with troubleshooting:

What messaging app are you using?
What phone are you using?
Are your Republic app, Messaging app, and all system apps up to date?