Long-Term Savings: Planning for Retirement


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When should you start saving for retirement and other long-term financial goals? How should you do it? There are so many day-to-day expenses and concerns that it can sometimes be easy to let long-term plans fall by the wayside. The great news is that technology and access allow everyone ample opportunity to start saving as soon as they are ready and in easy ways to make sure that plans are in place for later in life! When to save for retirement? We all would love to save as much as possible as early as possible, but there are a number…


For anyone interested in spending, saving, investing, and how these all factor into retirement and financial independence, I would highly recommend The Simple Path to Wealth by J. L. Collins. He’s blogged for many years and recently revised and consolidated his online writings into this really helpful resource.

Jim is very down-to-earth and writes in a clear, easily understandable way that should be helpful to you regardless of where you’re at on your financial journey.


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