Long time member, so tired

So tired, after 7 years w RP…… of all this. I can no longer get an extra gig if needed.
Still can’t get Venmo because RW not recognized as legit cell carrier.
Switching to Consumer Cellular!
Can buy extra data if needed.
And, great selection of phones with awesome payment plans.
$19 gets me one gig, with AARP discount.
Actual HUMAN to speak to for customer service.
Sorry RW.
You did not grow with seniors in mind.


The new plans address this.

$5/GB on the new plans (and old)

Nearly any AT&T compatible phone can be used with the new plans and the list of certified phones is very long: https://help.republicwireless.com/hc/en-us/articles/4413599944471-Republic-Wireless-Phones-5-0-Plans-

$20 for one line on the new plans with Republic, or $30 for two lines, each with their own 1GB.

100% of Republic’s support is provided by humans. They new service includes an 800 number you can call, chat, email and forum support. All humans.

Republic’s new plans are designed specifically for this market in mind.


RW has actual human support?
Many have visual difficulties.
Clearly I am one…,or I would have known there was human support.
What little I read stated one could not buy an extra gig if needed.
I’m the reception for RW in my city just doesn’t work.
Tired of people saying they hear an echo; static.
Last I looked at the phones RW offered, same phones much cheaper elsewhere.
Soooo many times I’m denied something because my cell # not recognized as legit.
How many threads does one have to read, or endless emails….to try and figure things out?
Tooo time consuming.

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And all this thread does is post a public response to a community?
To add to the endless threads of conflicting info?

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To be clear, the community is only ONE way to get support with Republic.

They recently added direct call in support, but even before that, customers have been able to get US-based help via multiple other channels that continue to be available:

  1. Open a ticket and work directly with the Republic support team online/via email.

  2. Open a ticket and request a phone call to work with support team staff over the phone.

  3. Open a real time chat with Republic staff online.

  4. Open a conversation with the Customer Experts (a selected group of Republic customers who are especially knowledgeable about Republic service and phones) for a (usually) quick response.

  5. Search an extensive body of support articles covering a wide array of topics.

  6. Post in the online community (i.e., here) for a “crowd-sourced” response from other Republic members (this area is also monitored by staff who frequently respond).


Hi @janetm.kopgw8,

We make our knowledge base and Community available for those who do prefer to search for the answer and find it themselves. but for those who find it tiresome, simply asking your questions is the best way to get the answers you need.

Do have any additional questions?