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I have a Pixel 4a. I have three other people (family) on my account. We all have one gig of data. I’ve been with RW since flip- phone was cool. Anyway,

I cannot text, make a phone call, or receive calls and texts without wifi. Neither can my wife or daughter. Interesting enough, my son can use his data ( Pixel 3). I chatted with an “expert” for a couple of hours. We tried many things.

In the end, they recommend a factory reset. Come on! Poor service. I’m not getting what I pay for. Is it Dish Network? I don’t know. I am so frustrated right now!

Issue Description

Thus far Dish Network has made precisely no changes. So no, it’s not Dish Network.

When a bunch of devices in the same household have the same problem that generally indicates one of two things: 1) An account issue 2) A problem with the local cell tower

Neither an Expert nor anyone in the forum can look at your account. You’ll want to open a ticket to review that with staff. (You can go to Orders & Payments | Republic Wireless to see if there’s any notice at the top of the screen regarding your account status.)

As far as a local tower issue goes, staff can also see if there are reported tower issue but another way to test it would be to take a drive at least 2 miles away from home and see if the signal returns. If it doesn’t that rules out a single tower issue, but not a regional network problem. It also may be worth taking a look at https://downdetector.com/status/t-mobile/map/ and seeing if any of the dots correspond with where you are.

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Thank you for the reply. My family is spread out. But all within 100 miles. I’ve opened a ticket and… Nothing. I will look at your links. Peace.

Do you know if your son’s phone and other phones have the same sim card type ? If he is able to use data while the other phones cannot perhaps its a GSM vs CDMA issue ?

If you did not receive a nearly immediate, automatic reply from our ticketing system, then your ticket was not created. I do not see a ticket in our system from the account you are using to log into Community.

I’ve taken a peek at your account and it looks like all of the phones on your account, based on the address on file for each phone, is in an area with a considerably poor saturation of cellular coverage on our GSM network. The son you mentioned, if the address on file is up to date, is in an area with slightly better coverage, but it’s still not ideal. It appears all of you would be better served with a different (CDMA) SIM card. Our Help Team can assist you with that, but we need to figure out why your ticket wasn’t created when you tried earlier. Did you open a ticket by logging into the Help Center and filling out the form, or by e-mailing our Help Team?

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Thank you for replying. The Expert I talked to said he opened a ticket. I didn’t know I had to make my own.

If this could be fixed with new Sim cards, I would be so happy!!! I will contact the help center right away. Thank you!

Hi @davidn.bgend9,

Thanks for opening a ticket. I reviewed your conversation with the Expert and I don’t see anything in the conversation about creating or opening a ticket. Experts can’t open tickets for members, but they can escalate their current conversation to the Help Team, moving the conversation to a ticket.

I do see, though, that you had a chat with our Help Team a couple of weeks ago and they did create a ticket for you from the chat. Kyle sent you a reply by Help Ticket on September 21, and the ticket closed out when no further response was received.

This makes me think perhaps your e-mail provider sent the ticket reply to your spam folder.

I see your new ticket is open and Amy has sent you a reply this evening. I want to be sure you don’t miss that one.

Also, would you mind telling (or showing with a screen shot) what your cellular signal strength indicator shows when you have WiFi turned off? Does your phone seem to be getting any cellular service?

Thank you for getting back to me. I am sorry I miss remembered the chat. If you did review the chat, then you know I asked to speak to someone else. So… nothing.

Here is a screenshot with wifi off

Thanks again for your time.

David Nssen

Hi @davidn.bgend9,

Thanks for the screenshot. That indicates your phone is not finding any cellular signal.

I did see that you asked our Expert if there was anyone else you could talk to about the issue, and he did not offer to escalate the ticket. I agree that was a missed opportunity on his part. I’m glad you asked for additional help here and have been able to get connected with our Help Team. I’ll make sure they are aware of the screenshot you’ve shared.


Thanks for looking. I wait to hear from you, eagerly!

Hi @davidn.bgend9,

It looks like you saw the reply from the Help Team and have been in conversation with them. Please let me know if there is anything further you need.


Thank you. Hope it will be resolved soon!

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