Long time RW customer looking for advice from the experts

I currently have 2 RW lines and 1 Project Fi line. I like RW but have connection issues in the more remote parts of Arizona where I hope to be more and more. It seems like RW and Fi use different carriers and my reception is better with Fi. Does anyone know if that is the case? Is RW looking to work with more carriers? I would like to stay with RW but I need to make a choice and stop paying for 3 phones. Any recommendations on either service?



Project Fi uses 3 carriers: Sprint, T-mobile and US Cellular. From what I understand, their phones can switch between networks when better coverage is available, depending on your location.

Republic Wireless uses two networks: Sprint and a GSM network. Their phones do not switch between carrier towers. The phone is linked to one carrier no matter your location.


Depending on your phone, it can be on one network or the other.

Which phone model?

RW is the Moto X Pure

Fi is the Moto X 4

The Pure can go in either cell partner, so if coverage is bad, you could ask support about switching the phone to the other.


I to have 2 RW phones and a FI phone And yes I use the FI phone for the reason That it has the the 3 carriers I also have a lot of area that TMO is not any good an sprint is ok. But being able to switch to the 3rd carrier US Celluar in northen CA /Oregon/ NV which they are very strong is a must. Sprint is fair to zilch in a lot of the northern area.

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