Longer texts breaking up into multiple messages

What phone do you have?
Moto G5+

What plan are you on?
1GB data, $20

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Yes, data

Issue Description

This issue has been going on for many months but a friend only mentioned it to me a couple of months ago.
When I send a longer text message (SMS) to an individual, it divides the msg into many separate messages. Additionally, they do not arrive on the recipients phone in order.
Group messages behave fine, I assume because they are already MMS.
I am using Google Messages.
Of the friends that I msg most often, one has an iphone, the other android. Both on Verizon. It happens with both of them.
I have a Google Voice number than I’ve used to test the issue.
If I send a message to GV from the GM app (via phone or web), it breaks it up.
If I send the msg to GV from the Anywhere web app, it stays together.

I’ve done some online research and have not found a way to force GM to send long msgs as MMS (since the app update that removed the option, replacing it with a “send later” option)

Thank you for any insight!

First type your message…then on the top right…click on three vertical dots (next to Contact Name)…and tap on “Show Subject Field”…then select Urgent…to convert it to MMS

@jben …could you please request an update to this support note. The functionality appears to have changed with latest update.

Ok. That works but surely Google Messages can do better than that.

I think Google wants everyone to use RCS messaging. Unfortunately, Republic Wireless and RCS messaging (Chat features) don’t play well together.

A few things on this. 1) They need to make it more reliable. In my house we have phones on AT&T, Verizon, Republic and Tello. RCS fails to work on random occassions with messages not going out, not being received, etc. My wife has turned it off on her AT&T phone because she can’t afford to miss messages, which she was.

  1. RCS doesn’t work to/from iPhones. Given the number of iPhones in the US it doesn’t matter how badly Google wants people to use it, something like 60% of their contacts won’t be able to receive RCS.
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I don’t use RCS because I use Google Voice for messaging on all my cell phones. It’s still surprising to me that RCS hasn’t come to Google Voice. Then again, maybe Google is bored with, and has lost interest in Google Voice.

Given Google’s history with messaging apps (Hangouts, Duo, Voice, Talk, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat, Allo, I know I’m missing some) nothing they do in this space surprises me.

Bet if they got it to work you’d be surprised :grinning:

I’ll be surprised when they get Apple onboard.

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