Longest battery life December 2018 phones


Moto E4 plus is no longer available and Moto E5 is not supported (except the low battery life “play” version). Are there any high battery life options supported by Republic at this time? I care only about battery life and voice clarity (phone is for a disabled person’s safety).
Existing strings on this topic are outdated. Thanks!


The Motorola E4 Plus is still available direct from Motorola. You would need to also buy a Republic Wireless SIM card.


Hi @lindac.fwsoqa,

Of the phones currently sold by Republic, the Moto G6 Play has the largest battery capacity. That capacity is almost but not quite as much as the Moto E4 Plus.


When you say Moto e5 is not supported, do you mean we can’t buy the Moto e5 Plus elsewhere and put a republic sim card in it?


that is correct if the phone is not on the Supported phones list it will not work (needs to be the compatible model number)


In many ways (having used both), I consider the Moto G6 Play to be the logical successor to the Moto E4 Plus and a better overall value than the Moto E5 Plus anyway. The only superior feature of the E5 Plus is the 5000 mAh battery. The battery in the G6 Play is almost as big at 4000 mAh.

At $199, the G6 Play can be had at a better price than the E5 Plus as well. Given it’s currently on sale at $199 also, the Moto G6 (an even better phone than the G6 Play albeit with a smaller battery) would be my choice at that price.


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