Longing for "What’s New and What’s in the Works"

Hey all,

Haven’t been on here in ages… Well because I haven’t had or seen a reason to be on here…
As today I was having trouble with Anywhere, and my phone doing weird stuff. Doing some troubleshooting on my own, it made me long for the days of the What’s New and What’s in the Works posts. We would get these every so often to see where Republic is headed and just a summary of things we might have missed.
Not having any of that, has made me feel like things are getting “stale” here at Republic. Yeah, new phones get added, but not much else. No real service changes, like new plans, features, or whatever. I felt like that was what brought me to Republic 7 years ago. It was New, Innovative, and Inexpensive. It’s still inexpensive, but I don’t know if I can say New and Innovative. There really haven’t been any sweeping changes since 2016 when Republic 3.0 plans were released.

I know some may disagree with everything I said here, but I just felt I needed to say it. I use to be able to talk people into changing to Republic because of these “new cool features,” but it’s really hard now when many services now have all the same things. Makes me start thinking… Why am I here??

Thanks for listening.


Enhanced Spam Call Blocking, Extend Home, and Orion WiFi Service are a some relatively new developments, The seemingly endless iPhone beta is still going on. Announcements & News can now be found here.


I hear you… The extend home thing was cool when it came out in Beta in May of 2019… Don’t get me wrong I think it was cool, but very niche, compared to the dropped beta feature of calling from the deprecated Anywhere app, which was stupid useful… VERY similar feature to another carrier’s (unsure if it’s against the terms to say the company) App…
The Orion Wifi service, meh, I think we had something similar a long time ago, that eventually went to the way side. Ahh I found it New: Republic verified WiFi hotspots
The iPhone beta is nice, but it really steps away from the roots of Republic with WIfi First… Which I’m sure could possibly change over time if the Beta lasts that long.

Also to note unless you’re active in the community or have notifications turned on. you’ll miss some of this going on. All I’m saying, if they got back to doing the quarterly or tri-annual email posts about what’s going on with Republic, I’d feel like I was part of the Republic Family again, instead of another subscriber/customer.

Thanks @benjaminf.haklmn,

Although as Community Manager I’m deeply disappointed to see that being subscribed to Community announcements doesn’t interest you :crying_cat_face: , I’ll certainly share your feedback with our Marketing team. I would love to see our “State of Republic” E-mails include some deeper looks into what our developers are cooking up.


Thanks @southpaw !

I appreciate that very much, and just so you know I do subscribe to the Community Announcements, but I know people that never “stepped foot” in the community so they would miss some of that stuff.

I really enjoyed those “The State of the Republic” emails from when I first joined in 2013 with the short-term and long-term goals. I loved the quirky icons and things the future held for us members. I was always very excited to see what was next for all of us. Remember when handover from WiFi to Cell and Cell to WiFi (two separate betas) was new!?!?! I was soo excited about that, even before it came to Beta. However, I knew about it before then because of those emails.

I also appreciate this community that allows me to express these opinions even if it looks like I’m the only one that feels this way.


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