Looking Ahead To VR (virtual reality)

I was thinking originally of a cheaper phone… like the Moto G… but then with the developments in using cell phones as VR screens as alternatives to dedicated headsets like Occulus, I was wondering whether having a phone with better resolution and graphic chips would be preferable.

Any thoughts?

I know that the new Moto Z Play is certified to work with googles VR ‘daydream’. However, I’m also of the mindset that most handsets that are coming out now and in the future will be equipped to handle VR. The further in the future we look, the cheaper the handset gets that includes VR. With that, I’m not really ready to spend the premium dollar to jump on the VR bandwagon just yet; there’s just not enough going for it to make it a huge want for me.

If you are an early adopter to the VR technology, the deal on the Moto Z Play is probably the cheapest you are going to get into that market for.

Thanks for responding. Reading up on some VR headsets phones need a compass and gyro… at least to do more than just watch 3D movies. So without a compass the Moto G4 is out.

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