Looking at buying a Moto G5 regular (Not plus). It is only sold in Europe. Is it compatible?



Hello! I have the original Moto G 1st gen. It recently took an unexpected bath in the ocean and isn’t working anymore after rice, and other methods. I’m looking to upgrade to the latest moto g, but the G4 and G5+ are way too big and bulky for me. The moto g5 regular is about the same size as my g1, and has all the new features. My question is that even if it is GSM Unlocked would it work with a republic sim card kit? Thanks and really bummed out it isn’t being sold in the usa.


Hi @camusser59,

Very sorry to hear about the untimely demise of your G1. I’m further sorry to say the direct answer to your question on the G5 is no. Only phones listed here will work:


Do you have any recommendations for a good phone of the g 1st gen size class currently supported? I know it is an old phone now and I am looking for something not over $350 or so and I haven’t really had much time to research without, well, a phone. I know the g 3rd gen was too big when I last checked. And also do you ever think the g5 will be supported?

Thanks for the quick reply.


I think the E4 would be the closest to the size you’re looking for, under $100 and has an inexpensive user replaceable battery. It should be a vast improvement over your G1.


I would put the chance at the G5 being supported at right about 0%. Republic only supports phones that have a North American Unlocked Version available. As Moto isn’t selling the G5 in the US, there’s no such version.


If size is your focus, you might consider the Alcatel A30.


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