Looking at getting Samsung Active 2 Smartwatch, bluetooth version

Anyone on here have the Galaxy Active 2 Smartwatch and use it to make phone calls? Does it work if you just use bluetooth or do you need wifi as well? Or does calling on the watch not work at all with just bluetooth? Asking because I am very confused looking at the specs and would love some clarification.

ALSO the specs I read said that it also supports wifi calling in case your phone is out of bluetooth range. Does this work even though I have RW? Is it an LTE feature only? Again, super confused!!

Note: I know that RW doesn’t support any smartwatches as far as LTE capabilities go, but as I said above, I would love to be able to use the bluetooth one to make/receive phone calls on the watch itself. And btw I have a Google Pixel 3a.

UPDATE: I decided to get the watch. I really like it! Again, I got the bluetooth version, not LTE. For those of you who are looking for a smartwatch, this one can accept calls over bluetooth and wi-fi (via connection to your phone) as well as texts, emails…pretty much whatever notifications you get on your phone, you can get on the watch. And this is all while using it with my Pixel 3a phone.

Rarely, but yes, a couple of times when I couldn’t find my phone quickly I used my watch to answer a call.

It works over bluetooth (essentially your watch is like any bluetooth connected headset). Over wifi, it really doesn’t work well.

Over wifi the watch connects to the phone over wifi and funnels the call over that wifi connection. It isn’t a great experience. The delay is pretty sucky, but in a pinch, it does work.

Just for reference, I’m using it with a Note 20. I’m unsure if the wifi calling portion works on a non- Samsung phone.

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