Looking at OnePlus 9

I’m researching the purchase of a new phone, and was hoping this phone will work w/Republic Wireless?


Here’s the list of certified devices that work with the new Republic Wireless 5.0 plans -

The one you posted the link to is the Chinese model with no warranty. Maybe someone can go through all the bands that the Chinese one has and compare them to the US model that would definitely work.

Our list indicates that for those phones not specifically listed as “certified” we welcome other Android phones manufactured for use in North America after 2017 that support 4G and VoLTE.

We would not recommend a phone labeled as “China version.”


This site has brutal ads but will show you how compatible your phone variant is with your intended carrier (you enter (or select) the carrier and then do the same for phone model/variant) based on all the supported bands for both.

Having said that, if you are primarily using service here in the continental US, you never want the world-band variants of a phone. There is a reason they are cheaper and more ubiquitous on Swappa, Amazon, etc. If you are lucky they will support only a few of the bands of your intended US carrier.