Looking for a contact management tool that works on both Android and Apple

I’m looking for a way to manage contact information in a mixed device (Android, Apple) environment.

I use a database tool on my Mac to store passwords, contacts, etc. I’d like to have that same information on my phone (so when Netflix prompts me for my password I don’t have to get off the couch and open my laptop)

Ideally I’d like a piece of stand-alone software that would work on both devices (Android and OSX) and that would sync.

Second-best, I think, would be Google’s contact manager. But it needs to be reasonably secure – I’m a little nervous about putting all my password information into the cloud.

What are other people using?

Is the referenced database tool, Apple’s iCloud Keychain or something else?

I currently use LastPass for storing and entering passwords across platforms (Android, macOS and iOS).

I use 1Password, but am thinking of dropping it since Google Password Manager is becoming more convenient.

Hi Roland - it’s called Yojimbo - a multi-purpose organizer. It lets you store text files, photos, just about anything. Runs only on Mac, unfortunately.

I should clarify that I probably need more than just a password manager – in addition to passwords, I’m also entering short notes. Contact managers work well for this purpose, but again, I need something that’s accessible from different devices on different OSes.

1Password has separate categories for logins, secure notes, and identities. It might function quite well as a contact manager for you (if you decide you’re comfortable storing this information in the cloud). There’s a free trial available should you want to check it out for yourself.

Ah, from the folks who develop BBEdit (venerable Mac software). There’s is an iPad version not that it helps.

In addition to passwords, LastPass also does notes, contacts, payment cards and bank accounts though I rarely use those features. Most of my contacts are in Apple’s iCloud. I sync those to my Androids using DAVx (formerly known as DAVdroid). For photos, I find Google Photos to be the easiest cross-platform solution though it’s relatively easy to move photos from Android to a Mac’s Photo’s app by physically connecting phone and Mac.

Yes, that’s the one. I’ve been a BBEdit user for many, many years and I’ve really enjoyed Yojimbo. It’s the one thing that makes me seriously consider an iphone.

Great to know about the other options though – many thanks.

In terms of security, is there much of a difference between iCloud and Google? Both are in the cloud and I assume both have an equal risk of being breached.

In terms of security, I don’t think one is better than the other. Some might say Apple has the better track record on privacy, however, it’s a matter of opinion to which each of us is entitled.

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