Looking for a new phone - how do I tell what model number?

Hello! I’m in the market for a new phone. My current one is 5 years old and I can tell :joy: I’ve only ever bought a phone from the Republic store before, but am not interested in the phones in the store so want to make sure the phone I do buy is compatible.

I see on the compatible list of BYOP that there are model numbers and on some websites that I’m looking at they have the model number, but the google store does not have model numbers for the Pixel phones (at least that I can tell). Does that mean that there aren’t different model numbers or should I see if someone from the google store support can tell me the model numbers? I was trying to figure this out myself, but have so many tabs open and have had no luck yet so thought I’d see if anyone else had any experience in buying from the google store or other stores that don’t have a model number. I’m currently looking at either a Pixel 4a or 5a (I can’t bring myself to not have a headphone jack with the Pixel 6).

And if there is a place other people get phones that’s recommended that would be nice as well.

Thank you!

I have purchased several of the Pixel phones over the years. Lately I’ve purchased directly from the Google Store. The phones purchased there are factory unlocked North American versions of the phones. If you’re looking at the Pixel 5a then I assume you are looking at moving to the new Republic Wireless 5.0 plans, since that phone is not compatible with the older My Choice plans. If that is the case, you may want to wait a bit until the process of converting to the new plans is simplified.

I own both the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5a phones, and they are both fantastic.


Thank you for sharing your experience with purchasing Pixel phones from the Google store! Glad to know those will work. I’m still debating between the two and did see about the issues with switching to the new plans, but thanks for the headsup anyways! Appreciated.

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