Looking for a phone for husband

EDIT: My husband also would prefer if the phone wasn’t so large. Anything less than a screen size of 6 inches would be best.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what phone my husband can get? He has a Moto G4 play right now and it’s dying. His phone only goes up to Android 7 I think…

Here’s his criteria:

He really doesn’t care if it’s the latest and greatest thing, or even second place. He just wants one that can call and text and get onto the internet when needed. Not too hard since every phone he can get on this service is a smartphone. Haha. I have a Google Pixel 3a and that would be too fancy for him. Something that maybe has a recent ish version of Android but it doesn’t have to have Android 11. I’m guessing he’d want one that isn’t sloth slow.

He also doesn’t care much about the camera. He hardly ever takes pictures, and would like one that has an SD card slot. Clear as mud? Haha

I’m hoping to get one in the $100-$150 range. I’ve been doing research myself but I’d like some feedback on how you like your phone if you have one that is at least close to this criteria. Thanks everyone.

I would likely just go for the Moto G Play. It is in the price range $149, it will come with a 1 year warranty if purchased from Republic (moto g play (2021) – Republic Wireless) and it a pretty basic phone, but not sloth slow. It can also take up to a 512GB microSD card.


Hi @jennab.u1mf3x

I would second @louisdi 's recommendation. I currently use this phone as my “daily driver”. It does everything I need but I’m not a power user either.


As another fyi, here is a tutorial provided by one of the other Ambassadors @SuperT

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Thanks for your response! That looks like a great choice, but I neglected to mention he also doesn’t want a large phone. The Moto G Play is larger than my Pixel phone. do you know of any smaller ones that are similar?

Unfortunately, small phones are essentially non-existent these days.

The Moto G Play and Samsung A02s are both 6.5" phones. You could look for a Moto e 2020 that was 6.2" hit otherwise you’d have to go further back to older phones that I wouldn’t recommend.

okay the size will have to do, then! haha. I found a Moto G Play on amazon that is renewed. Are renewed phones compatible with Republic Wireless? It’s the correct model number, I checked and double checked.

ALSO there is another one on Amazon that is not renewed. The model number is XT2093 but RW says it needs to be XT2093-4. Is the “-4” necessary?

If they are the right model.

Yes. If you provide a link we can double check the phone.

Here’s the link. You have to scroll down pretty far to dinner model number

Here’s what it looks like when you get there.

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

That particular listing is the Republic compatible U.S. factory unlocked variant. Apparently, Amazon has simply left the -4 part of the model number off the listing.

The key information otherwise provided is “made for U.S.” and “universally unlocked”.

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If I look in Q&A though, they state that there is no “-4”. I should have included that before. So it will still work then?

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

Anyone can answer a question posed on an Amazon listing. Those doing so are not necessarily representatives of Amazon or the manufacturer and may not even have purchased the phone themselves. As an aside, the same is true of Amazon reviews. There’s no requirement one actually have purchased the item to review it.

Amazon lists the model as XT2093. There is no model XT2093. The model is always XT2093-something hence my conclusion Amazon simply left the -4 off.

The bottom line is the “made for U.S.” “universally unlocked” 2021 Moto G Play is model XT2093-4 despite Amazon not listing it that way. I’m confident I’m correct, however, if not, Amazon has consumer friendly return policies. Alternatively, buy it from Motorola itself where it is the same price: moto g play - android smartphone | motorola US - Motorola.


Okay. Looks like I have quite a few purchase options.

One more question (and I am very appreciative of you responding, and doing so very quickly). So android 12 is on the horizon and the Moto G Play comes with Android 10. Would it be able to receive the update to 12 and if so would it just completely bog down the phone? If you don’t know that it will get Android 12 that’s ok. I’ve been looking it up and can’t find anything myself.

Hi @jennab.u1mf3x,

Historically, Motorola provides one major Android update on Moto G series phones. For a phone starting on Android 10, that would mean an update to Android 11. No one outside of Motorola can say with certainty but I don’t think the 2021 Moto G Play will see Android 12.

Recent Android updates, in my experience, have generally improved a phone’s performance. I don’t think running Android 12 on a 2021 Moto G Play would be a performance issue, however, I think Android 11 is likely to be the end of the road.

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Thanks so much for your help, and to @louisdi as well. I think we will go with the Moto G Play. I think it’s the one that fits the bill the best.


and also @johnny5 and @jben, thank you!

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