Looking for a phone that will lock out most screen controls for user with tremors

I want to get my mom a phone, but inevitably as soon as I hand mine (MotoX) to her, her fingers on the screen are read by the phone and one menu or another opens, the screen backs up, etc. I need an app that will, on command, lock out all but some limited screen response, like maybe swiping, until one of the hard buttons is pressed. I’m not looking for a ‘lock screen’ or ‘disable phone’ app, just something to manage screen-touch responses. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

Hi @robertr.4tuajn I work with a non-profit that work to help people with Essential Tremor (called HopeNET) and unfortunately I’ve yet to see a great solution for what you’re asking. The closest I’ve seen is just a generic “senior” launcher that provides very large buttons and then in the OS disabling the swipe navigation and moving back to the older button based navigation.

Hi @robertr.4tuajn and welcome back to the Member Community. Have you explored the Android Accessibility Suite?

Android Accessibility Help

Use Action Blocks with the Google Assistant

I’m not very familiar with what the Suite offers but thought it might be worth a quick read :grinning: Other Members may have some suggestions too!

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