Looking for a SMALL phone to replace my Moto G (Gen 1)



I need a phone that will fit in my front pocket, whose height is shorter than 130 mm. None of the phones for sale here or on the bring-your-own-phone list are as small as my old Moto G (Gen 1), which is still on CDMA. Any advice?


I’m afraid that the trend in the industry is ever larger phones… I think you’ll going to be out of luck…

The small phones: J3: 142mm+, E4: 144mm+, Nexus 5X: 147mm


Get a bigger front pocket. :wink:


B&H photo has Moto G4 Plays priced at $110 and an extra $25 off. Great deal and one of smallest available now. Same basic size as the Moto G3. I have one and it works fine.


It’s not any smaller than the ones above, in fact bigger than two at 144.4mm


Missed those in your reply.

Nexus 5X is 147 mm in all specs I have seen.

J3 smaller but GSM only.

E4 was not currently CDMA compatible when reply made.

Believed at the time the only option if CDMA (mentioned) was required immediately.?

Moto says G4 Play/E4 difference is 0.1mm.


Corrected the 5X size above. I was using the Nexus 5 size! Woops.


Correction as of today the Moto E4 is CDMA also along with the Moto X4 [note not yet for the Moto E4 plus]


Does this only mean RW is now selling Sprint-compatible E4s or does it also mean earlier E4s sold with GSM SIMs will now work with Sprint SIMs?


E4s purchased from Republic previously can be moved to Sprint via a ticket request to support.


it means that Republic is now able to send our a CDMA configured Moto E4 or Moto X4 purchased from their Website where their coverage checker says that CDMA is the better network

It also means the those with poor GSM coverage with the Moto E4 or Moto X4 can now request a move to CDMA via a help ticket


My wife and one of the kids have Moto G4 Plays. Nice phone, but not as small, as mentioned. They’re GSM, by the way, so obviously I can go with CDMA or GSM, either way. I mentioned CDMA only because I thought, apparently incorrectly, that I must be one of the last users still on it.

Yeah, clearly I’m fighting the size trend. And losing. Likewise my brother holds on to his iPhone 4 because of its small size. Must be something in the genes. Or maybe the age group. Next I’ll be contemplating a Jitterbug. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification @louisdi and @drm186. A friend has the E4 and doesn’t get a good GSM signal at home and in some areas he frequently visits. I’ll let him know CDMA is now available to him if he wants to switch.


You might find this site handy in your search for a suitable size:


Would have never thought to check B&H. I buy my video equipment there. Always thought I had to buy my phones through Republic.

Are you sure it’s compatible with RW? What questions should I be asking B&H?


No need to ask them anything just order it via their website. Suppose same offer for phone orders and ask if offer good for phone orders too? It will include a RW SIM that can be activated with 6 months free service if new number added to account. if activated as a replacement for your current line you will forfeit the free service.


3.0 phones can come from 3rd party but one must make sure the model is approved (and needs to match the model number


I already have service with RW so that free service option is out


The 25 bucks off and free sim is still at least a $30 savings.


I looked on B&H and the prices were about the same. I will look again. I’m brain dead right now, havent been to sleep all night