Looking for a SMALL phone to replace my Moto G (Gen 1)

My wife and one of the kids have Moto G4 Plays. Nice phone, but not as small, as mentioned. They’re GSM, by the way, so obviously I can go with CDMA or GSM, either way. I mentioned CDMA only because I thought, apparently incorrectly, that I must be one of the last users still on it.

Yeah, clearly I’m fighting the size trend. And losing. Likewise my brother holds on to his iPhone 4 because of its small size. Must be something in the genes. Or maybe the age group. Next I’ll be contemplating a Jitterbug. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification @louisdi and @drm186. A friend has the E4 and doesn’t get a good GSM signal at home and in some areas he frequently visits. I’ll let him know CDMA is now available to him if he wants to switch.


You might find this site handy in your search for a suitable size:


Would have never thought to check B&H. I buy my video equipment there. Always thought I had to buy my phones through Republic.

Are you sure it’s compatible with RW? What questions should I be asking B&H?

No need to ask them anything just order it via their website. Suppose same offer for phone orders and ask if offer good for phone orders too? It will include a RW SIM that can be activated with 6 months free service if new number added to account. if activated as a replacement for your current line you will forfeit the free service.

3.0 phones can come from 3rd party but one must make sure the model is approved (and needs to match the model number

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I already have service with RW so that free service option is out

The 25 bucks off and free sim is still at least a $30 savings.

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I looked on B&H and the prices were about the same. I will look again. I’m brain dead right now, havent been to sleep all night

Nexus 5X. Best smallish phone out there. May be only one that runs Android 8.1 and still gets security updates.

The Nexus 5x is no longer produced and has bootloop issues.

However Republic has some Nexus 5Xs in the store: Nexus 5X by LG | Republic Wireless which would come with a warranty and the bootloop issue isn’t anywhere near universal. We still have two Nexus 5Xs in daily use in the family and they’re stable and updated with the latest security patches on Android 8.1

Apple certainly sells a lot of small phones. The 6, 7, and 8 all have 4.7" screens. The “tiny” SE is also popular.

I think a small Android phone would do well if it was made by one of the major manufacturers and offered by the carriers.

Except in the latest generation the iPhone X, which has the largest screen of the bunch outsells both the 8 and 8+ according to Apple’s February earnings announcement (https://techcrunch.com/2018/02/01/iphone-sales-numbers-dipped-slightly-but-revenue-is-up-courtesy-of-the-iphone-x/) And it is hardly a good comparison when if you wanted an iPhone you had, well the one choice. Until screen sizes became a choice, the data is meaningless.

Interestingly despite that larger screen, the iPhone X is physically smaller than the iPhone 8+ though larger than the iPhone8.

Lol. That issue is not common. I and the others i know that still have the 5X never had any issues.

Other option is Pixel or Pixel 2 5in. Those are good phones too. A tiny tiny bit smaller than the 5X as well.

The issue is not common because you haven’t had any issues? Nobody ever has an issue right up until the moment they do. I wouldn’t recommend a Nexus 5x, but everyone can do their own research. Caveat emptor.

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Its not common cause its not common at all. Period. (Why u be so argumentative. )
The 5X is a good phone. Just because some have had issues, don’t mean u can label it a bad device. It is still a great phone whether or not u can personally recommend it or not. I do recommend it. The OP wanted recommendations, they have them.

Check out the Nexus 5x. Though it’s an older model now, it’s a smaller phone, very lightweight. Has plastic non-slip back. All you need is protective cover for the screen. It’s a tad slow compared to newer models, but it’s a huge improvement over generation 1

This is a great tip. I’ll search around for one.

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