Looking for an affordable good phone to bring

I’m looking for a good phone under $150 on Amazon or another site that I can bring to Republic? Anyone have any recommendations?

Under $150 is a tough bar. The Moto G6 Play can be purchased new from Amazon for $170: G6 Play and the Moto X4 can be gotten used from Amazon warehouse: Moto X4 for about $125.


eBay right now has G7 Play XT1952-4 under $150.


eBay G6 XT1925-6 $99.

When an eBay seller is able to sell a phone or 20% less than the Amazon Prime version that starts setting off alarm bells for me. How can they do this? Are these genuine phones? Are they reflashed foreign versions? Did they “fall of the back of a truck”?

I go by two specific indices when shopping eBay for items such as these. 1st of all, I check the description details carefully. I note if the unit for sale is marked “new”, “open box”, “mfgr refurb”, or “seller refurb”.

Secondly I carefully check the seller’s track record. Many sales? Few sales? Feedback rating? I then decide how serious I want to be in pursuing a transaction with the seller.

Thanks for asking a grounded, savvy consumer question. :+1:

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