Looking for cheap republic phone

Looking for cheap RW phone. My handicapped son has broken his again and I can’t fix it. They don’t have any reconditioned phones… cheapest is 150.00. Typically i have to fix his 4 times a year.

150 is too much and Relay wont work.


Hi @froche and welcome to the Community!

If anyone does happen to have a spare Republic compatible phone available, I encourage them to contact you via private message rather than respond here. Public sale of phones in the Community is contrary to community guidelines.

The above said, when you inquired regarding availability of reconditioned phones, did you mention the circumstances regarding your son?

Would you be willing to share the brand, model and generation of his most recent phone?

Well first of all I don’t think that they have the right to say Community Forum" and then say what we can or can’t do. Within reason of course.

My wife and myself have always bought phones from RW. And one time I was thinking of trying another service (and they had no refurbs) but to keep me they had them.

No since you can’t talk to anybody, I didn’t bother telling them my problem… But I do remember when they were a lot cheaper!

I still want a phone for my son but if I can’t find a RW phone then perhaps it is time to change… 20 bucks a month is pretty common now… Even heard about 15 bucks a month. I wonder if anybody has 10 bucks a month?

We’ll need to agree to disagree on that. The owner of a particular space physical or online has every right to determine how that space is used. And, then there’s the reality different folks will have different opinions of what’s within reason. In any event, Republic’s community guidelines don’t preclude members selling or otherwise exchange phones. They merely ask those things be discussed privately rather than publicly. There’s always eBay or Swappa if one prefers doing business publicly.

Republic rarely has refurbs available for general sale. In my experience, Republic agents have a variety of tools available to them depending on a member’s (Republic likes to call customers members) specific circumstances.

If by talking to someone, you mean working over the phone rather than via a help ticket or online chat, it’s quite possible to do so. The process does need to start online with a help ticket. In that help ticket, one may request to work over the phone.

I inquired about the brand, model and generation of your son’s most recent phone because phones sold and supported by Republic since August of 2016 are no longer RW phones per se. Republic compatible phones both new and used are widely available from sources other than Republic.

More here:

And here:

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I spent a few hours last nite and couldn’t find ANY RW phones that were in operable shape. Maybe a better question foe here is to ask where people have had the best luck in finding a Factory Unlocked phone with the exact model and subnumbers that actually worked. With most phones changing hands over the internet and via shipping asking therm “Is it this” or “Does it say that” or 'Did you unlock it ? ’ is only good for honest stores. I would think RW people should be allowed to sell their own phone somewhere where we can be satisfied…maybe RWBay?

If referring to Republic specific legacy phones (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2), I’m not terribly surprised to hear that. The newest of these phones was last manufactured in 2015. As time goes by, they’ll be increasingly difficult to source.

I’ve bought and sold previously used unlocked phones (Republic compatible and otherwise) on both eBay and Swappa. Of course, when doing business on secondary market websites, one must to some extent relay on both the veracity and the competence of the seller. I would point out, however, both eBay and Swappa via PayPal provide protection for buyers should a seller turn out to have inaccurately listed a phone whether that be the result of error or dishonesty.

In my experience, many already choose to use eBay and/or Swappa when selling old phones. Enterprising Republic members willing to incur the expense of setting up such a site might theoretically do so. Republic itself isn’t going to do so. And, once more, there’s nothing stopping another Republic member looking to find a new home for an old phone from reaching out to you privately. If that’s not happened, it may be simply that no one has a phone to offer at this time.

Froche, I may be able to help. My son just switched to another service and his phone was not able to switch with him (let’s be real, he was happy to buy a new phone). I would have to check with him about it, but I’ll bet he is willing to part with the old one. What is the best way to private message you?

@terryp.uklw3d & @froche,

  • To initiate a DM (Direct Message) conversation with another member, do the following:
    • Select their user ID or Icon, then you will see a ‘Message’ button … use this to open the direct and private message between you and them



look at the moto e6.

You misunderstand, 150 is not cheap. my handicapped son goes through 3 or 4 a year

You’ll need to look for something used as at the present time this is the least expensive phone available directly from Republic.

@froche, are you still in the market or have you been able to source a phone for your son?

Perhaps you need to look at rugged cases.

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Hi @froche,

I understand our Help Team has assisted you with the replacement phone you need at this time. If I’m understanding the situation correctly the part you’ve frequently had to replace is the charging port. Have you looked at something like this to allow charging with a little less wear and tear on the port?



I sourced one but waiting for it to get here.

Rugged cases don’t help with the charging port breaking … better manufacturing does though!

Very interesting but… how does this help. It seems that it would extend past the case and get pulled out as you pull the phone out of a pocket to answer

Obviously I don’t know all of the situation, how the phone is carried, how it is handled. I was thinking it would help because there would be no further struggle to insert the charging cable into the USB-micro port, and hopeful that it fits firmly enough and compactly enough not to cause damage during daily use. There may be comments about that in the reviews. I have a daughter who is very rough on her charging ports and it’s something I’ve considered for her, but have never given it a try.

Other options to keep in mind (since you may be looking at another replacement in a few months) would be something with a USB-C port (no more figuring out which way it needs to be facing to plug in) or something with wireless charging.

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Then get a higher end phone with wireless charging and a rugged case. Might be cheaper in the long run.

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