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Sometime over the next month or so my wife and I will be replacing our Moto G6 phones. She’ll most likely go with the Moto G Stylus, but I’m somewhat tempted by the Pixel 4 XL. I’ve never had a flagship phone, so it’s appealing. At the same time, I’m not sure it’s something I’ll use to its potential. So, can anyone who has used either the Stylus or the Pixel 4 XL give me a little feedback on your experiences? Thanks in advance!

We have both in our house and they’re both really solid phones. The Stylus is actually remarkably good for being a mid-range phone. The most surprising thing for me on the Stylus is the quality of the speakers which are superior to the Pixel 4XL and better than pretty much any phone I’ve had. The stylus on the Stylus works remarkable well and while its no Note series, it recognizes levels of pressure and works well. The camera is fine.

The Pixel 4XL is a flagship phone in every way. There are two things that I find annoying. First, the lack of a fingerprint sensor. Face recognition stinks in this time of Covid facemasks. This things alone has had me considering going back to my Pixel 3XL. I haven’t though because using smart unlock with my watch keeps it largely unlocked most of the time. I find the Soli radar chip pretty useless. It’s a gimmick which I would trade away in a second for a smaller forehead on the phone. The camera is pretty spectacular and takes great pictures in situations where your really wouldn’t expect it.

All that said, if you really don’t need the flagship level specs, and want to save some money, and a smaller screen is OK with you, the Pixel 4a, which has just been announced may be worth waiting for. While Republic hasn’t said if or when it will be compatible with them, I’m confident, based solely on history, that it will happen.

Hope that helps.


Thanks so much for responding! I’ve always been happy with the Moto G phones we’ve had, from the original, the 4, and now the 6. I definitely don’t need the flagship specs, but I do like a shiny toy! On the other hand, saving money is also really appealing. Thanks again for helping me chew this over!

Higher up front cost might save money in the long run. Google, generally, provides three years of Android operating system updates and security patches for its Pixels. Motorola, typically, provides one Android update and, perhaps, two years of security updates for Moto G series phones.

At its current $499 after instant rebate plus applicable taxes at Republic’s online store, in my opinion, the Pixel 4 XL is a steal.


I’ve had that thought too. We’ve never had any issues with the Motos, so I’m less concerned about the updates. I’m just trying to compare these apples and oranges and decide which one I want more!

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