Looking to buy used phone

Looking to buy a used phone that i can transfer my account to. I have a Moto G3, 1st generation. Nothing fancy. A Moto G4 would be sufficient

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There are plenty of compatible phones (both used and new) for sale on places like Swappa, eBay, and Amazon. There are also some helpful guides that have been written to help people like you find and choose a “new” phone! I will list some guides I would recommend below. Please take a look at them as they will be helpful in your search.


If you are looking for a phone that can use the same plan as the Moto G3 you need to look for a legacy phone (a Custom ROMed Republic version of the Moto X1, G1, E1, X2, E2, and G3)

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Some very helpful information that will be helpful

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