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I’m looking to get rid of my MotoZ3 Play and get a Moto G Power. Anybody got feedback about the Moto G Power? Also will the SIM card from the Z3 fit the new phone?

If you buy the Moto G Power from RW then it will come with a SIM card. If you buy it elsewhere, this document should help you determine if the SIM from your Z3 can be moved to the Moto G Power.

You may find this side by side comparison useful


I switched from the Moto E4 to the Moto Power 2021 last week and can offer a few comparisons. First of all, I like the Power. The screen is large and the images are brilliant. The rear camera is awesome and the bluetooth sound is improved. The only negative is the “hole” that the front-facing camera leaves on the top left of the screen. I went from Android 7 to Android 10, which offers several feature upgrades. The hardest thing to get used to is the fact that the fingerprint sensor moved to the on/off switch on the side. There’s no front button so gestures like back, close, etc have changed. After about a week in, I’m almost used to it. Also, my E4 was flaky about calling on wireless even when I had a strong wireless signal. I haven’t had that issue with the Power. Overall I’m glad I made the switch.

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Thanks for the ‘review’ positive feedback that fellow users can use is always nice
You and/or others may find this tutorial written by fellow Ambassador @SuperT useful A Beginner's Guide to your moto g play (2021), moto g power (2021), and moto g stylus (2021)

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