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I have had RW for years but recently also signed up for Project Fi to see if it was a better option. At this time, I believe RW is still better for what I need to do because I can forward a Google Voice number to my phone and use it for my business. Project Fi does not allow for this. Is there a process for removing my old Moto X Pure and replacing it with my Moto X 4 once I cancel with Fi? Do I need a SIM card? Hoping there is a link to instructions or something. My goal is to not be without a working phone for more that a few minutes. Thanks!


Can you look at the SIM card that is in your Moto X Pure? Is the word Republic that is printed on the SIM all in grey, or is the “public” portion printed in green? If you see the green lettering, then that SIM can be used with the Moto X 4.

If not, you will need to order a new SIM card for the Moto X4. SIM cards can be found here:


Once you have a SIM and are ready, you can activate the Moto X4, by turning it on in an area with good wifi.

You will transfer your current Republic phone number (the one on your Moto X Pure) over to your new phone (Moto X4) during activation of the new phone.

After the Google activation, you will begin the Republic activation and be asked to sign in to your Republic Wireless account on your new phone. After you sign in, you will be asked if this is a New Line of Service or if you wish to Move an Existing Line.

When you choose to Move your existing number, your phone number will transfer over to the new phone.

This should be an immediate transfer, and you shouldn’t be without a phone at all.


Perfect! I’ll order the card now:)

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