Looking to possibly upgrade to the Moto X4 from the moto x pure


I am wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on the pros and cons of purchasing a moto x4 as compared to the moto x pure other than the differences in the cameras, the processors, and the screen size. I currently have the Moto X pure and I am not having issues. I am concerned going forward that it is a 2015 phone and possibly will not be updated in the future. I would appreciate anyone’s feedback. Thank you.


I have a X4 and it’s a great phone. It comes with all the X series special features. I wish it had 64GB but only 32GB is available in the USA.
I think the Moto G5+ is a great phone as I have one of them for my wife. It does come in 32GB or 64GB. I believe there is a sale on it.
Yes Promotional price of $259 for the Moto G5 Plus 64 GB on republicwireless.com is valid through 2/3/18 at 11:59 p.m. ET, or while supplies last. You better hurry if you want this price. By my clock you have 1hr 15min to get this deal!!
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Not being on the Oreo update list is not a concern for me but can see how it might help justify an other’s purchase of a new phone with a glass back. I’ll be hanging on to my primo Pure for the duration unless issues arise and would consider the X4 a step down for me. The IP68 water resistance rating and fingerprint scanner are the only specs. that would interest me.