Looking to return to Republic Wireless, this time with CDMA

I currently have zero phones on Republic Wireless, but looking to return after a year away with Mint Mobile. During that year away, I moved locations, and the new location seems to be in a spot where the GSM coverage on the T-mobile towers wildly fluctuates, so I commonly miss calls (wife does NOT like that). I tried enabling the wifi calling, and while it works sometimes, seems like once there is a problem, I have to reboot the phone to bring it back…which might be a few times a day. So that’s not really useful either. I work from home, so wifi calling would be ideal anyway.

After doing some real digging into cell tower locations, it looks like there’s a Sprint cell tower very close by, so I’d like to give the CDMA a try with Republic Wireless to see if the reception is more consistent (plus, if the wifi calling works better, that’s what I’d be using anyway).

With that all said, should I be requesting a CDMA SIM card right away, or do I need to get approval from Republic first? I’m bringing the SAME PHONE back to Republic that I had last time…do they still have that info, or will I need to provide it again (and would that info help them determine if CDMA will work better for me than GSM). The phone is a Moto G5 Plus 64GB.

I need to be off Mint by April 3rd, so really I can switch over anytime once I have a clear understanding of the process.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Sussex, Wisconsin

as the default BYOD SIM is GSM you would need to create a help ticket to get a CDMA SIM

once you have the SIM you would activate it though the Republic App on the Phone (and it will walk you though setting up your account

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