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My wife and I have been with Republic wireless for years and have always had Moto (CDMA) phones with excellent service in our area (Zip code 45828). Except for one time when I ported my Nexus 5x from Project Fi (GSM) to Republic (TICKET #1040925). I had “emergency calls only” 99% of the time. I believe I was only able to make one successful call. I troubleshot with Republic support for quite some time and it was determined that there was nothing else we could do and I ended up porting it back to Project Fi…until it eventually broke and I came back to Republic. This experience was strange though because my service with that phone worked fine on the Project Fi network (GSM).

So we’re looking to upgrade our current phones (Moto G4) and I’m looking to avoid the issue mentioned above. How can I tell which Republic phones work off of the CDMA network and which ones work off of GSM? Are all the Moto phones CDMA and the Samsung phones + BYOPs GSM? Should I give GSM another shot since I always had reception in my area on Project Fi?

I was leaning towards ordering a refurbed Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 off of ebay and a Republic SIM card kit simply for the power to cost ratio, but I’m afraid of having service issues on GSM.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Project FI (now Google FI) is a different kind of provider as it not just 1 background network it has both GSM and CDMA (will switch to best network just not while on a call) (it uses T-Mobile as prefer this network but will also use Sprint and US Cellular)

all Republic 3.0 phones are GSM compatible and most can also use CDMA
a community managed feature list includes CDMA compatibility can be found here Detailed Supported Phone Features, and here a Republic list of CDMA compatible phones : What 3.0 Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help

if looking for a third party phone please see How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone

and note all BYOD will be GSM but if phone is compatable with CDMA a support ticket can have a CDMA SIM sent out after the phone is active on CDMA How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help


Hi @jamesh.297lrs,

Republic’s opinion is GSM coverage in your area would be adequate. Looking at the partner carrier maps, I do not necessarily share that opinion. According to those maps, much of the coverage in and around Coldwater is characterized as “fair”. Here’s how the carrier partner describes that: “Cell reception indoors and occasionally outdoors”. Minimally, you’ll want to hedge your bet by purchasing a phone for use with Republic compatible with CDMA networks. All Republic compatible phones are compatible with GSM networks. Some but not all are also compatible with CDMA networks.

Regarding your Nexus 5X working fine on GSM with what’s now known as Google Fi, maybe maybe not. Fi unlike Republic has the ability to switch on the fly between GSM and CDMA networks.

There’s no harm in giving GSM another shot, however, you’ll want to purchase a phone that may be moved to CDMA if needed. Here’s that list: What 3.0 Phones Are Compatible with CDMA Service? – Republic Help.

Forget the S6 as the Republic compatible variant is GSM only. One must be very careful sourcing compatible phones from eBay. An excellent resource to help with that contributed by a fellow Community member is here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

I hope this helps!


Oh my ■■■■ you guys are amazing. This is exactly the information I was looking for. Thank you so much!


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