Looks like my number is being spoofed


Twice in the last week I’ve had someone call me saying that I had just called them. I hadn’t. So it looks like someone has spoofed my number. I suspect that there’s nothing I can do about this, but just hoping. I have a Moto Z Play with one of the current plans. Do they still have an underlying number in addition to my public number? If so, is there any way to find out what is? If the underlying number is the number being spoofed, would it be possible to change that?

Anyway, just kind of grasping at straws. Really suspect there’s nothing I can do. Any info would be appreciated.



Hi @waynep.srwux9,

Republic phones do indeed still have a secondary number. The secondary number can be changed without impacting your public facing number. Doing so would require raising a help ticket with Republic staff. You may do so here: Help Ticket | Republic Wireless. More on the secondary number is here: How to find your phone's secondary number and stop unwanted calls to that number.

Otherwise, I’m afraid you’re correct there isn’t much that might be done. The relatively good news (for you) is the miscreants spoofing your number will likely move on to their next victim fairly quickly.



Thanks. That’s what I suspected. I’ve also heard that they move on to new numbers frequently. If it keeps happening and I can find out if it’s the secondary number, I may look into changing it.
Again, thanks.

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