Looks like Sprint and T-Mobile are looking to be one again


this has a better chance with the current administration than the last one IMO


Very interesting. Maybe T-Mo could use that new low-frequency bandwidth they just bought to revitalize the current Sprint network. It is interesting to note that Sprint didn’t bid on any of the new bandwidth back in March. They still own lower frequency bandwidth the company bought previously, but hasn’t used. Seems like a Sprint + Magenta merger could mount some real competition for the other two “biggies” to contend with.


While LTE is making this type of merger a bit easier, it’s still not easy. The new combined company will face having legacy CDMA and GSM networks that are incompatible. Maybe this will accelerate their deployment of VoLTE and sunsetting the legacy networks, but this isn’t nearly as simple as a Verizon/Sprint or TMO/AT&T merger would be. Heck a big part of what derailed Sprint was the acquisition of Nextel and the need to integrate the iDen and CDMA networks.

Not to mention that beginning conversations is a long way from getting done.

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