Loose micro USB connector

What phone do you have? Moto X2

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Issue Description

I successfully changed the battery on my old Moto X2, but now I realized I have a micro USB problem. The charging cable fits loosely into the phone plug, and I have to wiggle to get it to charge… very finicky. Any tricks to get a better connection? I was planning to determine how to bend it to get the connection, then put some glue around the connector to tighten the plug when inserted…any other ideas?

Have you simply tried a different charging cable? If that’s unsuccessful, check the phone micro USB to make sure lint or other foreign material isn’t packed into charging port. Canned air or careful use of a toothpick can be used for cleaning.


Thanks. Cleaning out the fuzz helped a bunch, plus I threw away one cable that fit looser than the others.


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