Losing connection on waze when driving to NC coast

What phone do you have? Motog8

What plan are you on? my choice +1

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

when driving from Pittsboro NC to Topsail island NC I lost connection… did not realize it and had a friend with me that also has republic, so she went on google maps and she could connect. Is that a problem with my phone, waze, or republic and how can I correct it. I would like to use waze, but it disconnected coming back into Raleigh as well. does waze not work well with republic? you don’t realize there is a disconnect ( I am not able to see my phone while driving, so depend on the voice) until I realize she did not say something at a crossroad and I did not know where to turn… it is dangerous and want to solve this.

What phone do you have?
You list “Motog8”, but that phone model does not exist.

Waze app uses your cellular data connection. If you loose this connection, ie, enter an area with no service, or a Roaming Area, the app will not work.

I have never used Waze, I prefer Google Maps, it has an off line mode where you download the maps on wifi a head of time incase you have no signal.

If you look in the RW app, in About, what is your SIM type? GSM or CDMA?
You can look on the Coverage map for the areas you drove through to see if the areas you were in had bad or no signal.

GSM Map: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

CDMA Map: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless


It’s very possible that your friend and you are on different Republic carrier partners I wonder what both phones where the as the Moto G8 (as @SpeedingCheetah has pointed out) is not yet release (the G7 just came out and it is currently limited to the GSM partner {T-Mobile}) it’s very possible that the other phone was on CDMA {Sprint} as all legacy phones are CDMA and most 3.0 phones can use either though some are GSM only (the Moto G7 is currently GSM only on Republic but Republic is working with the CDMA partner be able to activate on CDMA)

Here is the GSM map (link in @SpeedingCheetah post) if your route went though the White areas (or even the out edges of green areas) you did not have a connection

Here the CDMA Map (link in @SpeedingCheetah post) if your route went though the light green areas (or even the out edges of dark green areas) you did not have a connection

Waze likes a strong data connection and will but a big flag when that data is lost (they use data for traffic information and hazards reported by users and is constantly check that information (they will reroute base on it)
I find Google Maps to be much more forgiving of intermittent data even with out the off-line maps downloaded, It does reroute as often (unless you go off the route) and usually just puts alternate routes that you can select that may be faster (or slower)

Personally when driving I prefer Google Maps as the maps look more natural to me (less cartoon) so I can quick reverence it at a glance. I do use Waze when I’m the passenger navigator where I free to look into hazards and report them for others (Google fully owns Waze and will use Waze reported hazards in it’s maps)


I would tell you that Waze seems to be a huge data hog compared to Google Maps. I’ve found that it shuts itself off if it doesn’t detect movement more quickly that Google Maps. Could that relate to your problem?

Recently Waze had some crashing problems with the keyboard when trying to search, so make sure you have the current version.

I like Waze a lot, but it seems less finished than Google Maps.

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@rosemarys.59co49 Do you need additional assistance with this or are the answers your provided explanation enough?

Thanks for the input, I do not need any other input.

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