Losing signal in stores


Phone Brand : Motorola E4 plus
Plan : Clear Choice 3.0
Plan Data : Yes

When trying to browse the internet in both Walmart and Lowes last night I did not have a signal. The bars did not return until I left the stores. Is this normal for Republic wireless? I did not have this issue with my cheap pay as you go tracphone.

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Hi @sam6,

Depending on coverage in your area, it is possible for some of our phones to lose service while deep inside large buildings. The good news is that Lowes and many Walmart locations offer free Wi-Fi throughout the store, and your Republic Wireless phone will call, text, and access the internet once connected to their Wi-Fi network.


@sam6, just to elaborate a little on the signal loss issue, mobile phones and mobile networks work on a variety of different frequencies with the range of microwave frequencies allotted to mobile phones. Higher frequencies don’t penetrate dense structures as well as lower frequencies do. If the cell network you’re connected to is on one of the higher frequencies, you frequently see a weaker signal when you enter these big stores and dense buildings, like when you enter and elevator in a hotel. If you are fairly close to a cell tower, the phone may keep it’s connection. But, if you’re starting with a marginal signal when you enter, you will likely end up with an unusable signal. I hope this gives you a clearer understanding of why you may lose signal in some buildings.


Thanks both of you, you were right Walmart did have internet available. So I assume the same is true for Lowes and other large stores. One of the reasons I went with a data plan was I like to compare prices when in stores. However this is not a deal breaker for me and RW. I still would use RW for the great price on unlimited talk/text.

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