Losing The Amazon AD

It’s greyed out in notifications, trying to turn it off.

Which phone do you have? Is this a phone purchased from Amazon at a discount that has lock screen offers and ads? One like this for example:



If you bought the phone from Amazon I don’t think you can delete it. The phone was sold with ads installed, I haven’t read anywhere that someone had removed it. I just googled this and Amazon has blocked ways to remove ads.

The only avenue I take it to be is rooting.

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Update: AFTV News has instructions for disabling ads on the Amazon Prime Exclusive BLU R1 HD smartphone, which sells for just $50 and up with ads. The steps are simpler, but you still end up seeing an ad if you reboot your phone.

*Update 2: There are some reports suggesting the method for removing ads on the BLU R1 HD doesn’t work anymore. *

*https://liliputing.com/2016/07/can-remove-ads-amazons-prime-exclusive-moto-g4-pay-50-just-get-ad-free-version.html *

Thanks for your answers. Yes I bought it from Amazon.

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