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Issue Description

I have a Moto G4 which has been working well for a year or so. I’m on Android 7.0. My plan is just Voice, text and WiFi.

Yesterday I lost connectivity to my Bluetooth Headphones and my Bluetooth Car Audio. I’ve been using both without incident for over a year. Both stopped working at the same time.

The only thing I can think of that may be related is that I connected my phone to my charger the night before this happened and must not have made a good connection since the phone was completely dead in the morning. I recharged (with the same charger) turned the phone on and then went about my business.

I’ve tried repeatedly to re-pair both devices and nothing seems to work. Neither device shows up in the list of available devices to pair to. I’ve turned Bluetooth off and on, and I’ve rebooted the phone, both multiple times. No improvement. I’m stumped and looking for suggestions, thanks.

I don’t often use bluetooth and can’t say that this will fix the problem, but, you might try going to Settings > Storage and delete the App cache. It’s probably a longshot, but easy enough to give a try.

This infromation is from the troubleshooting at https://mobilesupport.lenovo.com/us/en/contactus:

Clear BT Data from the phone

  1. Un-pair the Bluetooth device from the phone.

  2. Turn Bluetooth off on the phone

  3. Open Settings and touch Apps.

  4. Touch Image > Show system.

  5. Touch Bluetooth Share > Storage > Clear data.

  6. Restart the phone.

  7. Reconnect the Bluetooth device to the phone and test.

Ensure Bluetooth Share App is enabled

  1. Open Settings and touch Apps.

  2. Touch Image > Show system.

  3. Touch Bluetooth Share > Enable.

If this doesn’t work, you might want to contact Motorola at https://mobilesupport.lenovo.com/us/en/contactus


Thanks for this. I followed your clear directions but it still doesn’t work. At least for my headphones, I haven’t gone out to the car yet.

After doing part 1, I tried to connect the headphones, but the only Bluetooth devices the phone saw were two computers in my home.

Following part 2, after touching Bluetooth Share, the disable button is grayed out and the storage section has been on Computing . . . for a number of minutes now. I’ll try Motorola tech support as you advised

Were the headphones in pairing mode when you tried this? Typically, once you wipe your settings, devices like headphones won’t be seen unless they are in pairing mode.

Hi @johnb.lwvrlo,

Have you tried the refresh option in Bluetooth settings menu? That usually helps when BT issues pop up on my G4s.


Refresh didn’t help. Turns out headphones weren’t in pairing mode. Fixed now.

I feel so dumb. Headphones weren’t in pairing mode. Once I did that they connected. Thanks.

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