Loss of Coverage on Rt. 77 from North Carolina to Ohio

Hello. I love Republic and have been very pleased with the service over the years but have noticed a huge difference in cell coverage in the last 9 months when I drive from N.C. to Canton, Ohio on Rt. 77. I used to have coverage the whole trip but now am without service for at least 2 hours of the trip as I get closer to Ohio. Any idea what caused this change and will this change back in the future?
Thanks so much.

Hi @pamd.2abvzh Did you happen to get a new phone in that time? If so, can you open the Republic Wireless App on the new phone, click the little gear at the top, and then About. What does it say there for “SIM Type”?

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Thank you so much for your reply. No, I still have my Moto G4 which I have had for 4 years. It says I have a GSM sim type. Any thoughts? Thanks again for any help!

Hmm. That is curious then. My expectation was that perhaps your carrier partner coverage changed. You haven’t replaced your SIM or anything like that?

In either case, much of the way between NC and OH is pretty rural and as a complete generality Republic’s partnership with the former Sprint network is generally better in such areas. It may be worth asking for a SIM for that network as I do think it’ll get you better coverage. Instructions for how to do that can be found here: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help


Thanks again for your response. I did not change my SIM card but I will request a 3.0 CDMA Sim Card as you suggested. Will I only use that when I travel to Ohio or would I use that in the Raleigh area also?

Thanks again, Pam

Based on my look at the map I would absolutely use it all the time. I don’t love the GSM coverage in the Raleigh area either compared to the CDMA coverage.

I think it depends on where you are in the Raleigh area. My Republic experience with GSM has been much better than with CDMA. When I had no option except CDMA and lost WiFi at home (thankfully a rare occurrence), I effectively had no phone service. The GSM signal is always strong in my house. The map says there should be no difference, but there is. No return to CDMA for me, thanks.


Thank you both so much! I will try both and see which works but will definitely use the new one for trips to Ohio. Thank you again and have a great day!

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The CDMA coverage is better for me in some areas, but I use GSM mostly because with CDMA you cannot be on a call and use the internet at the same time.

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This is changing. As VoLTE rolls out on the Sprint network this is no longer the case. In my area (the DC metro area) I’d say about 75% of the area now has VoLTE.

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