Lost alert, lost missed call?

Can anyone help with a missed call notification that disappeared? I received an alert that I missed a call from our City Hall, but both the number and the alert disappeared from my phone an hour later (I was at church and I could not check out the alert right away). I do not see the call on my account records on the republic web site, either.

You might be able to find the missing call in your account. The entries in your call log are in Greenwich Mean Time aka UTC time.

It does not show up on my account. I looked there within a short while after the call/alert went missing. Thanks!

I’m thinking this alert must have been pushed to an app on your phone and was not really a call. The only way a call would not have appeared in your call log would be if it came to you underlying carrier number. In that case it would appear in your phone log but not in your account log. Did you check your messaging app?

I looked in messages and cannot find it. The account on line does not
reflect it either. Do emergency alerts go to a separate place?

Google can send you Amber alerts:


The Weather app can send you weather alerts.

Many cities and states have apps that will alert you to different things.

Maps can send you traffic alerts.

Do you remember specific details about the alert you received?

Sadly no. I saw it as I was silencing my phone right before holy Mass.

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