Lost all account log in information

how do i recover email and password for my account

Hi @johnw.m393am

You should have gotten emails from Republic when you first made your account and you should also have some monthly email statements. If you can find one of those, that would be your email address. As for the password, there is a “Forgot your password” on the same page as the sign-in.

Help Signing into My Republic Account

Hope this help!

If you can find neither, then you can reach out to Republic support by emailing help@republicwireless.com and let them know that you don’t know your account email.


Hi @johnw.m393am,

If you’re asking about your Republic Wireless account, the E-mail and password combination you used to sign into Community also works in the Account portal.

Is it your Republic Wireless account you can’t access, or something else?


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