Lost Cell service

I have a MOTO G4 Plus. Just in the last week I have almost completely lost service in my place of work. I had average coverage before. Is there a radio driver update that I may not have received?

Do you not have WiFi where you work? Also if it is a cellular issue, it may be more environmental than service coverage related. Any new construction or other signal sources can affect coverage.

Yes there is WIFI at my work place but the ports needed for the calling to work are closed and will not be opened yet. My phone is the same make and model as some coworkers and there service has not changed.

Make and model is unimportant. Are they in the same carrier?

Yes, we both have the same RW plan 3.0.

Two phones, same model, on RW 3.0 can be on two different carriers, so this still doesn’t necessarily answer the question.

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