Lost cellular roaming on old plans


I’m hoping someone can explain why after 4 yrs, one by one 5 phones using old 1.0 and 2.0 refund plans are no longer able to use cellular roaming. My husband, his coworkers, and myself all have older model phones and plans. Husband noticed that his cellular roaming was not working when on a trip, put in a ticket only to be told that RW can’t guarantee cell roaming. He mentioned this to his coworker and he replied that over the last few months, his families phones have also lost ability with no help from RW. I fortunately still have cell roaming (same phone model/plan as my husband). Is this a push to get people off old plans and on to new ones? Let me say, it’s not looking good because they are going to lose us to Gfi. I’m hoping there is some resolution because we have been huge RW advocates and many of our friends and families are on it. We’d love to stay but really need cell service.


Have you tried updating the PRL and the Data Profile on the phones that won’t roam?


Yes, as directed by RW during open ticket, PRL and Data Profiles have been updated.


I’m pretty sure Republic Wireless hasn’t done anything to remove voice roaming capability. I can’t explain why you are having problems with one phone and not the other. I would check to make sure roaming data, and data in general are enabled in the android settings.

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Was the possibility of an MSL reset explored in your support ticket? If not, it’s worth inquiring about.

For what it’s worth, availability of roaming isn’t guaranteed on new Republic phones either. Roaming is by definition always provided on a best effort basis. Presumably, your husband and his co-workers are in the same areas you are. It’s quite possible Sprint’s roaming agreements have changed in your area. Sprint is the cellular network legacy Republic phones are provisioned for coverage with.

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Yes, all phones -working and non, are in same area which is why the sudden and random change is frustrating.

As for the MSL reset, no. I don’t believe this was done. Is this something that we should open a new ticket for or can you walk us through it. I appreciate your help.


There is a required code only Republic support can provide. If your old ticket remains open, please follow up there. Otherwise, raising a new help ticket to inquire wouldn’t hurt.

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To follow-up on @rolandh’s suggestion, if you have a ticket that is still open (or if you open a new ticket), feel free to send me a private message with your ticket number & I’d be more than happy to make sure the right team gets eyes on it!

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