Lost contact phone number

After I updated my cell phone MotoX (1st) I lost all my contact phone number .How can I bring them back ?

That’s unusual for a few reasons. There hasn’t been an update to the Moto X1 for years, and an update shouldn’t impact your contacts. When you look here: https://contacts.google.com do you see your contacts?

Only 2 contacts remain when I look at the link

Do you have any other kind of email account on your phone. Yahoo, MSN etc.?

I haven’t checked the exact steps in a little bit, but try these:

Step 1: Open the new Google Contacts website in your browser (https://contacts.google.com)
Step 2: After opening the website just go to the menu placed on the left and select “More” at the bottom
Step 3: Select Undo Changes
Step 4: Select a timeframe from before this happened (max is 30 days)

Do these steps bring back the missing contacts?

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