Lost Coverage in PA for last 5 days


I recently visited my vacation home in PA (18330) I did not have cell coverage for 4 days and when I left for New York did not get cell coverage until I was 20 miles into NJ. I have always had excellent coverage by my house in PA. The cell tower is right near my house. What is the problem.


Can you start by opening the Republic App, hitting the gear, then About and telling us what it says there under “SIM Type”?


Sim is GSM


Hi @bob-of-em,

When you say you have always had excellent coverage by your house in PA, do you mean on this same phone?


Yes on this same phone. I’ve had this phone for 3 months an had two previous RW phones for about 5 years. My wife also has RW service on a moto e4 and she has 3 bars for cell service.


Was the previous phone used in PA also GSM, or was it one of the Legacy RW phone (which are all CDMA/Sprint)?


Not sure on the post phones. I noticed that on my phone under sim status - Mobile network type is IWLAN while on my wife’s phone (which has good Cell Service) Cellular network type is LTE. Could this be indicating a problem?


IWLAN is a new term to me, perhaps someone else will chime in

To help clarify:

  • What is the SIM type in your wife’s phone (as detected by the Republic App)?
  • Was your previous phone that worked in PA one of these?

Moto E (1st Gen XT1019)
Moto E2 (2nd Gen XT1526)
Moto G1 (1st Gen XT1031)
Moto G3 (3rd Gen XT1548)
Moto X1 & X2 - (1st Gen XT1049 ) (2nd Gen XT1094 )


Wife’s phone has a sim type CDMA (ISIM). My sim type is GSM.

I believe my previous phone was a Moto G3


I believe that explains the differences in reception you’re seeing in PA.

  • Your previous phone (probably a G3) and not on a 3.0 plan was a CDMA (Sprint) as is your wife’s current phone.
  • Your current phone is GSM (T-Mobile)
  • Please refer to: How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help this will give you the opportunity to be on the same carrier as your wife and your previous phone, which hopefully will resolve your problem (assuming that CDMA coverage is ok when you’re not in PA)


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