Lost Debit card. Awaiting Replacement

I lost my debit card and a replacement is on the way and will have new number. I’ve no other way of paying and my new cycle begins tonight at midnight. I contacted them yesterday but no response yet. Ideas. I don’t want to have my acct closed entirely.

I can’t speak to your card provider’s policies but my provider continues to accept regular charges until I’ve received a replacement card and have had about 30 days to notify my vendors. My card was compromised about 18 months ago and I had plenty of time to update my RW account (and others) to my new number and expiration date.

I got a new debit card a few years back and I’m not sure how long it took them to turn off my service – if they did, I might have received an e-mail notice about it – but once I put the new info in it took a short time for the account status to update. This used to be done as an overnight process. Don’t know if it has changed since then.

I’m sure your account will not be closed though. Just a service interruption at worst.

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