Lost phone and buying an new phone

Lost my phone. Lock it and set for erase content. I’'m buying a new phone off Amazon. Question about sim card. Do I need to order a new one from Republic Wireless?

you will need a Republic BYOD SIM from either Republic or Amazon
Republic BYOD SIM is currently free and there’a an option for free shipping but it a slow ship (a week or 2)
Amazon has it for $5 with free 2 day shipping for Prime Members

I will note all BYOD SIMs are GSM based (Republic’s GSM Partner is T-Mobile) if this coverage is not good in your area and the phone is capable of CDMA on Republic a support send out a CDMA SIM after it’s been activated on GSM

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@williamp.pbft3s If you are buying your phone from Amazon, or any other vendor, be certain you are purchasing the correct model. You can see those here:

You not only need to match the model name, but the model number, and in some cases, the build number.

If you are replacing an older, legacy model phone, you will not be able to find those models new anymore. Only the Republic Wireless version of those phones are compatible.

If you are unsure about the phone your are looking at, you can post a link here and I’m sure someone can take a look and let you know if it will work, or not.

Also, while Amazon shows 6 SIM cards left, I believe once you put the SIM in your cart and try to check out, you will get an error message saying the SIM is out of stock.


Hi @williamp.pbft3s,

If you were asking us to take these steps, please know that this is not something Republic Wireless can do for you. You’d need to take these steps using the Android Device Manager.

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