Lost Phone and need to cancel service

I have two phones listed on my account. One phone was lost and I would like to cancel service on the lost phone number until I decide what new phone I will be buying. I am not eligible for refund on unused service but how can I be sure service has been cancelled?

Hi @genea.bgrjts!

Do NOT cancel your phone line if you want to keep your number. If you cancel the lost phone line, you will lose your number and you may not be able to get it back. If that’s not a big deal to you, then you can go ahead and cancel it. You can find out how to cancel it here: How to Cancel Your Service – Republic Help .

You may also be interested in this article: What Should I Do If My Phone Is Lost or Stolen? – Republic Help .

All that being said, if you do want to keep your number, you can look into a number parking service. You can port your number to the parking service and leave it there for a few months. This does cost money, but it’s pretty reasonable. I used Number Barn and they did a good job. According to a quick look on their website, it’s $2 a month to park + an initial $5 parking fee. There are other companies that provide parking besides number barn as well. When your port your number out, your Republic service line will be automatically cancelled. Then, when you buy the new device, just activate it on Republic as a new line and port the number back to Republic

I hope that helps!


If you have an old 2.0 phone around or can get one activate it on the 5.00 a month wifi plan with the number you want to keep and then when you get another phone switch the number to it. Cheaper than a parking service and you will have a working phone with the number as long as it can access wifi. and for the cheap…


A very good idea @vandalh!!

+1 @vandalh

Personally if I were in this situation I would much rather keep paying for a RW plan than pay just a little bit less and have to deal with porting the number twice, to park it and then to restore it.

If you don’t have a spare phone around, I have a couple of 2.0 phones sitting in a drawer that I wouldn’t mind parting with for shipping cost. As I’m sure many other long time members do as well.


If one has available to them an older legacy Republic phone, temporarily activating it as a stand in is indeed an excellent option. That said, if one is paying for a My Choice plan on a newer compatible phone on an annual rather than monthly basis, one should open a ticket before doing so as generally there is no refund when canceling an annual plan. It’s not possible to move an annual plan to an older legacy device.

I would also suggest folks with newer compatible phones consider purchase of a spare Republic SIM. If one has a spare SIM on hand sourcing a Republic compatible phone locally in case of lost or stolen phone becomes an option.

Finally, for what it’s worth, NumberBarn (the most commonly suggested parking service mentioned here), like Republic, mostly uses Bandwidth.com to house numbers. An intra-carrier port is orders of magnitude more straightforward than an inter-carrier port.

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Hi Roland, I have a new SIM from Republic which I bought and let sit for a few months. Never used. Long story, but, how long will it last on the shelf? Thanks

Hi @johnr.ommyfq,

Typically at least a year and a half and sometimes up to 3 years. Do you see an activate by date on the credit card sized piece of plastic housing the SIM?

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Yes, by Jove, it shows as 12-14-2021. I can use this on my next phone…awesome.


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