Lost phone, and trying to get Affirm financing, cannot get email or text to verify ph.#

Lost phone, and I’m trying to get Affirm financing, yet w/out phone, cannot get verifying text on email or phone for affirmation of account? Just wondering if there is away around this, or need to come up with the full amount, I have been a customer for 5 years. maybe more. Also I’m just trying to get the cheapest phone, sure wish they would offer me a discounted phone after being w/ them for so long? Well, I don’t mean to be a pessimist, just kinda stuck here, cheaper to go with other Company. Thank you for listening. Stacy G.

Sorry to hear this happened to you, what I would suggest is that you access the Republic Help page and then

  • Select the ‘Message Now’ button to put you in a realtime contact with a Community Expert that can advise you better (as well as route you to the Republic Wireless help team if necesary)

Hi @stacyg.om09mf and welcome to the Community!

I’m afraid neither Republic’s Community Experts (I’m one of them) or staff has a workaround for Affirm’s requirement that one be able to receive a code via text message.

Fortunately, it’s not necessary. If you install Republic Anywhere on a compatible device (computer or tablet), you’ll be able to retrieve the code from Affirm. Links to Anywhere downloads for various platforms are here: Republic Wireless Downloads – Republic Help.

Candidly, whether the cheapest phone would be an appropriate solution for you depends upon your location. For most phones, Republic offers multiple coverage options but the cheapest phone (currently the Moto E6) is compatible with only one coverage option. Whether that would work well in your area depends upon location. Would you be willing to share a zip code (nothing more) with us?

Any discussion of a potential discount would require following @jben’s guidance.


Hi @stacyg.om09mf,

Our Help Team does try to help long-time members, if at all possible, in the case of lost, stolen, or damaged phones, but they aren’t able to act on wishes if they don’t know about them, and the Help Team doesn’t monitor our Member Community.

I will follow up with you by help ticket so that I can discuss your account and some options with you privately.

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