Lost phone, bought new but needed to use Affirm to pay for it

Lost phone, need to have it deactivated and just bought a new one thru Republic, but forgot to use

Is this related to your other post?

Hey ceedee. yes. I really should deactivated m y lost phone because as I said to the other person, I have a charge that came through on my bank, possibly by using my phone?

Been with Republic since inception. Was part of the beta. Can the charge be fixed?

Hi @morningstar,
I’m afraid there’s not a way for us to change the payment method to Affirm once the order has been completed. The only option would be to re-submit the order (actually buying a second phone) and then return the phone that was charged to your debit card.

That is what I figured thanks Southpaw. Glad to see you are still with Republic!. I did have a charge on my bank, that could only have been through my phone that I had lost. Should it be deactivated?

I just checked and someone has been using my lost phone from 06/09 to today. It was lost yesterday 6/09 and has been used. they can get to my email accounts and all my contacts. I need to shut this phone down. I just bough a replacement as you are well aware. How can I deactivate it.

Hi @morningstar ,

Here is a help document on that subject:

Shutting service off won’t keep someone from accessing your phone, your apps or anything else. Service has nothing at all to do with that. If your phone wasn’t locked, then you’re out of luck unless somehow whomever has it hasn’t removed your Google account in which case you may be able to reset the phone or lock it using Google’s service: http://www.google.com/android/find

You WILL want to change ALL of your passwords IMMEDIATELY.


Hi @morningstar,

Were you able to lock or erase the phone with the link @louisdi provided? Since canceling service wouldn’t prevent the phone from being used on WiFi, that’s really a better step than canceling your service. If you choose to lock it, you can also display a message on the lock screen, like “Reward if found” that might entice the person who found the phone to return it to you.

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